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Plant-based snacks

Plant-based & Vega snacks

CSO, the Centrum voor Smaakonderzoek (Dutch Centre for Flavour Research), has named our sausage roll as the best.

“I can’t believe it’s not meat!”

Plant-based Snack rolls

Our snack rolls are the perfect on-the-go or at-home snack. They offer international flavors that appeal to a wide audience. Snack rolls are easy to hold, don’t crumble while eating and have minimal breakage in presentation. Furthermore, our snack rolls boast a Nutri-Score of C and are 100% plant-based, making them the better choice for consumers.

Same taste, no compromise

Make an eco-conscious choice while reducing your carbon footprint.

Pizza Margherita roll
Soft Börek roll
Kebab roll
Mexican Burrito roll
Teriyaki roll
Currysausage roll

Violife plant-based roll Gouda flavor

This 100% plant-based pastry was developed in collaboration with Upfield, makers of Violife. It’s a crunchy puff pastry snack filled and topped with Violife’s delicious Gouda cheese flavor. That means the ethically conscious snacker no longer has to compromise on taste.

Ethically delicious 
We’re joining forces with Violife to satisfy the cravings of vegans and flexitarians. They eat fewer or no animal products to help protect the environment, animal welfare, or their own health. So unlike regular cheese snacks, this pastry contains no egg as a glaze, no butter, and no milk in the filling. We’re proud of this collaboration with the market leader in vegetable cheese that’s bringing this innovative, creamy development to the supermarket shelves.

Plant-based frikandel roll

Fresh savoury snacks are primarily there to be enjoyed. But this plant-based frikandel roll is a more responsible alternative to traditional frikandel rolls.

It boasts a Nutri-Score B, due to its wheat protein content and lower-fat dough, among other things. The bun contains 75 kCal less per 100 grams than the non-vegetable frikandel bun. It also contains less salt and is a source of protein and fibre.

Vega Croquis

Simply indulge yourself!
This delicious savoury snack is a relative of the croissant but with a character all its own. With mouth-watering fillings and a crunchy topping, Croqui’s are a feast for the eyes and at the same time, the ultimate taste experience.


  • Croqui Hummus 
  • Croqui Mozzarella Tomato
  • Croqui Bacon Egg (not Vega)
  • Croqui Spinach Cheese 

Try them all!

Plant-based sausage roll

The plant-based sausage roll is just as high on flavour and creamy as the classic version!

The filling has more than 15 different herbs and spices including nutmeg, mace, garlic, paprika and white pepper.

The crust dough is made with margarine and the plant-based mince from wheat protein. So this makes the sandwich suitable for a vegan diet.

Our vega sausage sandwich was previously tested as best by CSO. “I can’t believe it’s not meat!”

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