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Street Food Snacks

Consumers are increasingly looking for meal replacements, and bread dough snacks are the ultimate on-the-go snack. They pack fewer calories than puff pastry, less fat and they’re less crumbly. The perfect on-the-go snack that fits right in your hand.

It’s convenience and pleasure combined!

Street food snacks

These sourdough rolls are topped with the tastiest savoury ingredients. Try the Hotdog snack with a hot dog, tomato sauce, pickles, topped with grated cheese. The curry sausage snack with sliced sausage and curry spices. Or the Smokey BBQ chicken snack with tender pieces of chicken. The Tex Mex snack with fresh sweetcorn and colourful bell peppers on succulent spiced mincemeat and also the Shoarma snack.

Hot dog snack 
Curry sausage snack
Smokey BBQ chicken snack 
Tex Mex snack 
Shoarma snack

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