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Instore bakery specialist

Innovative according to the traditional baker's principles

Coming up with and developing great-tasting snacks. This is something we do with pride and pleasure. Sweet and savoury snacks that consumers really want. At any given moment of the day.

Our specialists advise you on ingredients, food trends, category management, packaging and on baking training. From raw materials to the finished product on the shelf.

Thanks to our pioneering mentality, we continue to innovate, always in accordance with the traditional baker’s principles, so that this knowledge is preserved within our company. Preparing products in a traditional manner with the finest ingredients, in line with the most up-to-date quality and hygiene standards. Delivered as a bake-off product, frozen, or freshly baked. Your wishes are our key concern.

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De Graaf’s Bakery Lab

“Together we seek the finest sweet and savoury flavours. Just as long as it takes to create the perfect snack sensation”

The Bakery Lab is our beating heart. With plenty of passion and love, our bakers work each and every day to create the finest and most delicious artisanal sweet and savoury snack sensations for, and with, our customers.

Baking & presentation training

On site or at the De Graaf Bakeries training centre

We are happy to teach you all the ins and outs of how to perfectly bake and present bake-off snacks.

With a specifically tailored baking plan, consumers can enjoy freshly baked, high quality snacks all day long!

Research & Development

From ingredient to product

Market and trend analysis

Tailoring to customer preferences

Developing flavours and textures

Making the end product

Being critical with raw materials

Developing the finest sweet and savoury snack sensations calls for first-class ingredients! Our specialists carry out research into the best taste sensations on a daily basis. Together with the baker and the customer. The quality of the ingredients to a large extent determines the success!

Quality as a core value

Our employees regularly attend training courses and the infrastructure is geared to responding quickly and innovating continuously.

Food safety and product quality

We have achieved the IFS Higher Level standard for many years in a row now. This means that we are able to guarantee food safety and product quality. We are also certified via Beter Leven and Rainforrest Alliance (UTZ). For sustainable products with an eye on animal welfare, the environment and fair trade.

Custom work

We supply our cakes, pies, street food and flaky pastry snacks as requested, as a bake-off, frozen or fresh product. As well as a private label.

Trend watching and category management

We check trends in the food sector daily. Our customers then benefit from this knowledge. We use market research data of consumer habits to put together the product category range. This enables us to respond to current food trends promptly and consistently. And help our clients to present their range of products as attractively as possible.

Stylish and functional packaging

The product has to taste delicious and look good. The packaging is also crucial for the presentation and appeal of the product. Our specialists will be happy to help you come up with the perfect presentation and functionality of the product to ensure optimal sales results. Apart from presentation, the packaging also has other useful functions that are important. For example, preserving flavour and freshness inside the packaging.

Have you come up with a new product yourself?

Together, we can turn your ideas into the best and most delicious products

Share your idea with us!

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