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American cookies

Our American Cookies range is based on famous original American recipes. The cookies are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, just as they should be.

Our biscuits are popular in both retail and food services and available as a bake-off product or a fully baked product. All biscuits are also available in UTZ-certified quality.

With our bake-off range, your customers can choose from freshly baked, deliciously smelling delicacies all day long.

Homemade style

These cookies look as if they came straight from your own kitchen. They are bigger and thicker than traditional American cookies and they are richly filled with the most delicious ingredients. The texture of these cookies is extra chewy.

Chocolate chunk cookie, White chocolate & macadamia nut cookie and Triple chocolate cookie.

Rainbow cookie, Peanutbutter cookie, Oatmeal-Cranberry cookie, Honey-Raisin-Nut cookie, Christmas cookie and Speculaas-Chocolate cookie.

American style

Our American Cookies come in different shapes and sizes. These American Cookies are characterised by their flat and smooth structure. The cookies are crunchy on the outside and have the typical American ‘chewy texture.’

American style Traditional:
Chocolate chunk cookie* White chocolate & macadamia nut cookie*, Triple chocolate cookie*, White chocolate & raspberry cookie and Oatmeal-Cranberry cookie.

American style Special:
Coffee cookie, Banoffee cookie and Red velvet cookie.

Lava cookie

The unique combination of both a crunchy outside and a creamy inside: Lava Cookies! The flavours of the lava fillings create a true flavour explosion! Each unique filling is deliciously creamy, without any dribbles. The crater in the volcanic at the top of the cookie highlights the lava that fills the crust. Try them all and choose your favourite Lava Cookie!

Lava Cookie Coconut 01668
Lava Cookie Caramel – Sea salt 01666
Lava Cookie Vanille 01669
Lava Cookie Hazelnut 01667

“Soft taste explosion”

Mini American cookies

Our American cookies are at least as irresistible as mini variant.

Mini American cookies are available in three delicious flavors: Chocolate chunk, Double chocolate and White chocolate & Macadamia nuts. With chocolate of sustainable origin and UTZ certified; from farmers with a love for people and the environment.

Mini White chocolate & Macadamia nuts cookie – 072798
Mini Double chocolate cookie – 072965
Mini Chocolate chunk cookie – 072966

New York cookies

Choco chip walnut cookies
Inspired by New York’s No. 1 cookie, we developed this super sized and ooey gooey cookie experience!

The combination of real Belgian chocolate, real butter and walnuts makes this newcomer the ultimate craving for cookie lovers. Crispy and sticky indulgence. Preferably straight from the oven. Enjoy!

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