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Mars® branded cookies

Who doesn’t know them, the delicious chocolate M&M’s® candies, SNICKERS® and TWIX® bars? De Graaf Bakeries presents 4 new and exclusive American style cookies featuring Mars® favourite brands.

These American style cookies are filled with the original ingredients, such as real M&M’s peanuts and the beloved TWIX caramel.

Because each cookie contains no more than 220 kcal, everyone can enjoy them without feeling guilty. The 100% recyclable packaging makes the cookie even more attractive.

Baked or Bake-off
The American style cookies are available in 2 varieties: Baked and Bake-off. You can present the Bake-off cookies fresh on the shop shelves after just twelve minutes of baking.

M&M’s, SNICKERS and TWIX trademarks are used under license.

American Style Cookies M&M's Peanut

M&M’s peanut
1×45 gram per CE

Article number

  • Fully Baked – 073103
  • Bake-off – 071082F

American Style Cookies M&M's Chocolate

M&M’s Chocolate
1×45 gram per CE

Article number

  • Baked – 073104
  • Bake-off – 070477F
Are you ready for Bake off?

American Style Cookies TWIX

TWIX cookies
1×45 gram per CE

Article number

  • Baked – 073100
  • Bake-off – 070479F

American Style Cookies SNICKERS

SNICKERS cookies
1×45 gram per CE

Article number

  • Baked – 073102
  • Bake-off – 070478F
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