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New! Violife Gouda flavour vegan pastry


New! Violife Gouda flavour vegan pastry

This week we’re introducing the first fresh vegan snack at Albert Heijn To Go. This 100% vegan pastry was developed in collaboration with Upfield, makers of Violife. It’s a crunchy puff pastry snack filled and topped with Violife’s delicious Gouda cheese flavour. That means the ethically conscious snacker no longer has to compromise on taste.

Ethically delicious

We’re joining forces with Violife to satisfy the cravings of vegans and flexitarians. They eat fewer or no animal products to help protect the environment, animal welfare, or their own health. So unlike regular cheese snacks, this pastry contains no egg as a glaze, no butter, and no milk in the filling. We’re proud of this collaboration with the market leader in vegetable cheese that’s bringing this innovative, creamy development to the supermarket shelves.

Want to know more about this innovative development? Please contact us at or call: 0031 (0)88 – 024 21 00.

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