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NEW: Vegan frikandel sandwich with Nutri-Score B

NEW: Vegan frikandel sandwich with Nutri-Score B

Changing the world can be very tasty. This is proven by the new and very first vegan frikandel sandwich, which De Graaf Bakeries has developed exclusively for Albert Heijn in the Netherlands. This sandwich is part of the new generation of fresh snacks in the bakery department of Albert Heijn, in line with the need for sustainable and vegetable snacks. Moreover, this vegan frikandel sandwich has a Nutri-Score B, which is better than many alternative non-vegetable options. It is available as of this week at the bakery section of Albert Heijn.

Vegetable alternative of the frikandel sandwich

When you think of Albert Heijn’s bakery department, you quickly think of the frikandel roll. This popular snack has now been turned into a new, vegetable-based version. De Graaf Bakeries wants to appeal to a broad target group with this new snack, who are eating more and more consciously because of the impact of meat consumption on the climate. Younger generations are increasingly describing themselves as flexitarian, vegetarian or veganists. With the vegan Frikandel sandwich with Nutri-Score B, Albert Heijn offers younger generations a more conscious plant-based alternative to their familiar snack.

A better option with Nutri-Score B

The fresh savoury snacks are primarily intended to whet the appetite. But this vegan frikandel roll is also a more responsible alternative to traditional frikandel rolls. It has a Nutri-Score B, which indicates that it is a better nutritional choice than many alternative product choices. This good score (on a scale from A to E) is due, among other things, to the quantity of wheat proteins and the low-fat dough. The sandwich contains 75 kcal less per 100 grams than the non-vegetable frikandel sandwich of Albert Heijn. It also contains less salt and is a source of protein and fibre, so you won’t get hungry soon.

Making vegan food accessible for everyone

The vegan frikandel sandwich is the latest addition to the ever wider range of vegetarian products at Albert Heijn. The supermarket chain is a member of the Green Protein Alliance, which helps Dutch people to make vegetable choices more often. The fact that Albert Heijn now also offers the best-selling savoury snack in a vegan variant is a logical step towards this goal. Especially within the fresh snacks, sustainable shoppers still missed out too often. To offer more options, De Graaf Bakeries has already developed the vega frikandel and the first vegan cheese sandwich.

A tasty and more responsible choice

At De Graaf Bakeries, consumers never compromise on flavour, not even with this sandwich. For the vegan frikandel roll, a vegetable frikandel is made from, among other ingredients, wheat proteins mixed with water and a blend of spices. The wheat proteins even make this sandwich a source of fibre and protein. Furthermore, the puff pastry has been replaced by a type of dough that is lower in fat and rises with yeast. That makes the fat percentage lower than in regular puff pastry snacks. It goes without saying that no butter or egg has been used. And the beloved curry sauce? Fortunately, it could remain unchanged.

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